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There are two ‘i’s’ in Fundraising – they should stand for inspiration and innovation, not imitation and irritation.

First of all, we wants to put some facts at here:

  • Millions of children and adults around the world lack the access to education for various reasons — some live in conflict zones, others aren’t allowed to attend school because they’re girls, or they don’t attend because their families need them to work and bring in income to support the family.
  • Around the world there are 59 million children who denied the primary school education.
  • In one of three countries, less than three-quarters of teachers are trained to national standards, resulting in 130 million children enrolled in school who are not even learning the basics.
  • Nearly 15 million girls of primary school age will never have the opportunity to learn to read and write in primary school, compared to about 10 million boys.
  • It would take $39 billion (USD) every year to send all adolescents to school. 
  • Over 40 years, equitable access to quality education can help a country raise its gross domestic product per capita by 23 percent.
  • The Brookings Institution reports that education quality and levels in developing countries are approximately 100 years behind developed countries. This global gap in education shows that in the world’s poorest nations, the average levels of attainment are at levels achieved in developed countries in the early 20th century.

This is the reality of our education system. i just want to say you is that problems are not persistent and nothing is impossible if we works together and helps each other. This platform is developed with an aim to spread education to the each and every peoples as education is the right of every peoples…

Knowledge with action, converts adversity into prosperity.”

We use collected donations:

  • To extend and bring our services to the each and every needy one, this might be include those people who are not willing to pay higher fees.
  • To develop world class innovative platform of Education and Research with full of required resources and inspiring environment.
  • To available more features to the platform which includes Jobs and Recruitment Section / Events / Crowdfunding / High end Research and Innovation support.
  • To build up instant support system for students which helps them to reduce stresses / Depression , career guidance and much more…
  • To available hard copies or printed materials.
  • To prepare highly efficient or qualitative e-courses for the schools.

“Donors don’t give to institutions. They invest in ideas and people in whom they believe …”

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What will you receive as a supporters or Philanthropic partner? 

  • Partners will get first priority to all available services offered by Abhayudaan.
  • Currently we are taking 100 INR and 10 USD for members to display their ad on our platform. As a partner you can display your ad for free.
  • Currently we are taking 1000 INR and 20 USD for members to promote their YouTube channel on our platform. As a partner you can promote your You tube channel on our platform for free.
  • Participation in Abhayudaan Community events
  • Additionally, Partners will get their place in all of our printed or digital media.
  • We’ll discuss further if any special recommendations are there.

Current plan to Become a Philanthropic Partner : 5000 INR or 700 USD

Register on our platform before submitting your request with given form to become a philanthropic partner. after submitting we’ll review your request and send you a confirmation mail for further process…

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