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Here You can submit your Own Articles…

  • Its advisable to enter all required value in the correct manner and also don’t forget to add tags to increase popularity of your posts.
  • It need to be notice that you cant able to edit this posts after submission. So read carefully your post before submission. If you submit mistakenly and wants to edit or delete that post you can send your correction at contact Us page by selecting “Edit Post” in the type of message. It’s also need to be say that if any post has illegal / abusive or irrelevant content then that post will be deleted by admin. And it also possible that you will get negative points for that. If you have more queries then Read our FAQ.
  • If your post is a type of Video lecture then please select “Video Lecture category” from the list of categories… follow similarly for motivational videos, Technology and development videos and Video Tutorials.. ( To insert video; From post content box select insert > Media then enter your embed code to the embed code section or insert direct video URL to the source box )
Post Submission

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