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1). What is Tajagna Youth Club?

On 17 April 2019, Tajagna Youth Club is launched under Abhayudaan with an aim to provides a platform for students and professionals or youth in areas of livelihoods, capacity building, education, Digital infrastructure by providing all possible needful digital resources including Educational and Research articles, projects and motivations to achieve their goals.

Tajagna Youth Club brings local, national and international youth to the single platform so they can exchange their knowledge. Tajagna Youth Club also involves the various institutions like school, Institutes or Universities, Companies or Organizations and Foundations or NGOs. So youth can directly connect with them and their technologies. Read more about us at HERE

2). Why should i join Tajagna Youth Club?

Tajagna Youth Club helps you to,

  • available articles from all available categories of Arts / commerce / Science.
  • available helpful E books, Magazines, Research documents, Creative Arts and other kind of educational material for free of cost.
  • available free courses to enhance your skill level.
  • share your research work or projects to the world.
  • give platform to discuss your ideas / Group discussion on various topics / Startup help and much more.
  • motivate yourself; for that we will provides you success and motivational stories with the help of community members.
  • Promote your businesses and services to the world with lesser cost as we are here, to serve smiles….
  • earn points; Points can be redeemable to purchase any documents or to enroll courses.  

3). What is the Registration Fee?

Free; Platform is fully accessible at free of cost.

4). How can I Register? *

We are accepting two types of registrations; i). Registration for user ii). Registration for Institution.

  • Individuals: This registration is available for individuals which include Students, employees, volunteers, or any other persons. You can do registration of user at HERE.
  • Institutions: This registration is available for various institutions like schools / Institutes / Universities / Companies / Foundations or NGO’s. You can do registration of Institution at HERE.

5). As a User what can I do with this platform?

  • Write for Us: As a member, you can submit articles/ Researches/Projects/Motivations; which may help other members. You can write Articles at HERE
  • Share your Work: As a member, you can share your works which may include E books, Research documents, Magazines, and Artworks. You can share your work at HERE
  • Unlock E-courses: As a member, you can unlock e-courses for free . You can be enrolled in courses at HERE
  • Participate in Discussions: As a member, you can join group discussions, solve-out your study related problems or any other kind of discussions at HERE
  • Submit or attend nearest event: Find or submit events at HERE
  • Promote your YouTube channel with us: As a member, you can promote your YouTube channel with us at HERE
  • Promote your Business and Services: As a member, you can promote your business and services at HERE which may include your startups, coaching classes, consultancies, freelancing project works and much more.

6). How can i sell or upload my work ( E books, Research documents, Magazine, and Artworks ) ?

Only members or registered users can sell or upload their materials. To  do that first log-in to your account then go to My Account > Vendor Registration . After approving your vendor ship, you can sell or upload your works at My Account > Vendor Dashboard ( Refer knowledge-base section to understand dashboard features ).

7). What is Point ? and How can i earn more points ? **

Points are use to purchase various documents or to enroll courses ( 100 points = 1 USD ) .

You can earn more points by doing various activities. You can refer your profile at My account > Point ( Star Icon ) > Point Table to understand our Point Management System.

With coupon code, you can get more points. We provide two kind of Coupons; 1) is hidden coupons, Hidden coupons are available on anywhere on website in hidden form ( These type of coupons give you more points ). 2) is shared coupons, Shared coupons are available on our social platforms ( You must need to be active on our social platforms because these coupons are limited to users ). you can redeem coupons at My account > Point ( Star Icon ) 

You can also earn more points by clicking on some hidden links either it may hidden in posts or inside running ads.

8). How can i change/toggle  currency ?

Our platform supports two currency; 1) INR ( Indian rupees ) and, 2) USD ( United states Dollar ). To toggle currency you can find flotable menu in the middle of the page at right edge.

9). How can i promote my YouTube channel on your platform? ***

To promote your YouTube channel first of all you must need to submit THIS form. After submitting it we’ll verify your request and send you an email for further process. Confirmation may takes 3 to 4 days.

10). What is Advert or classified?

With advert / classified, you can promote your business and services which may include your startups, coaching classes, consultancies, freelancing project works and much more.

11). Ad posting on your platform is free or not?

Currently we offer two plan of ad posting which are:

  • Free Plan : Submitted ad with this plan will be displayed for 30 days on our Advert page.
  • Premium Plan : This plan charges you to pay 10 $ ( 100/- Rs. for Indian Users ) per each Ad . With this plan your Ad will be displayed for 45 days as well as your ads are displayed on all of our premium blocks which may includes various pages of this platform and our other social platforms.

12). How can i pay for premium Ad posting?

Currently, we provide two methods for transaction, which are:

    • PayUmoney : This gateway is used for Indian Users to transact in INR ( Indian Rupees ) (100/-Rs per Ad for Indian users)
      • You can Pay at HERE . After successful Payment Mails us at with order details and Transaction attachments ( Mention Order number , ad Title, and Transaction reference )
    • Paypal : This gateway is used for PayPal users to transact in USD ( US doller ) (10/- $ for other countries)
      • You can pay with Paypal at HERE After successful Payment Mails us at with transaction attachments ( Order number, ad Title,  and Transaction reference )
13). How does Tajagna Youth Club works ?

Tajagna Youth Club is community based platform powered by Abhayudaan. Tajagna Youth Club gives you a platform to available helpful educational resources or to make discussion with other members or experts. some of important facts about us ;you should know:

  1. Donations and Revenue generated from Ads will be used to available helpful educational Resources/ To take educational initiatives and for platform Maintenance.
  2. Major Educational Materials are available for free.
  3. We also encourage our members to available helpful educational resources.
  4. Tajagna Youth Club helps you to available documents and e-courses which are prepared by various Experts / Institutes / Educational foundations and Organizations. ( All documents are available with their permissions )
  5. Tajagna Youth Club helps you to connect with various experts /institutes /companies/foundations and much more.

14). Will Tajagna Youth Club always be free?

Yes! Tajagna Youth Club is tries to get support from philanthropic foundations and In nearest future we also tries to coming with own Educational foundation to take educational initiatives at the ground level. you can refer THIS page to know our future plans. Tajagna Youth Club helps you to available educational platform completely free, and they will always be free.

15). How does Tajagna Youth Club make money?

Tajagna Youth Club is powered by Abhayudaan. We also generates revenue from Advertises / promotional events / Selling etc. This revenue is used to maintain Tajagna Youth Club. We also tries to get support in terms of donations to extend our services.

16). How can i support Tajagna Youth Club?

You can help us by providing Financial aid. For that you can refer THIS page. You can also support us to available helpful educational resources. (Scroll to the end to know how you can support us )

17). How can I donate ?

You can donate at our official  Donation page where you can get full details about our initiatives and our requirements.

18). I have more queries where can i contact?

You can refer our Contact Us page to submit your queries. or also you can directly contact us at given details:

Email ID :

Whatsapp support :

Telegram Support :

*  Registration are free / No need to pay membership fee

** Conversion rate will be vary based on available resources

*** YouTube Channel promotion costs you 1000 Rs (INR) and 25 USD


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