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Tajagna Youth Club is developed by Mr. Tajagna Vyas with an aim to build the largest community of students and bridge the gap between students and various institutions so that they can all work closely to each other. As we said this platform contains major three words which are : Tajagna ( Brilliant ) + Youth ( younger peoples / Students ) + Club ( Community ). which suits the ideology of our founder which is ” Platform that can be dedicated to youth to improve or show their brilliancy within the community of various people and institutions which may include students / Subject experts / schools / institutes / Universities / Foundations / Organizations etc…

Let’s know our founder:
Mr. Tajagna Vyas is born in 1995 at Ahmedabad, Gujarat (INDIA). His grandpa always tells him that “You are curious and creative since you were born” That’s why his grandpa gives him a name “Tajagna”. This name is always inspiring him to do new things and to do new kinds of stuff. If we’re talking about his nature, then He’s a little bit shy and always surrounded by lots of questions and fears. But this is the qualities which makes him different from others.

In 2013, he took Diploma degree from Gujarat technological University in the field of Mechanical Engineering. After completion of Diploma studies; In 2013, he enrolled in the same university to earn the degree of Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering. In the month of June 2018; He also achieved the degree of Master of technology in CAD/CAM at their he also worked at Space Application Center ( ISRO), Ahmedabad as a project Intern

Mr. Tajagna Vyas faced out the number of problems in the field of education such as problem’s with education quality, financial problems, lack of research and innovations, lack of Skill development initiatives and much more. and This is the reason to develop Tajagna Youth Club

At last, now it’s time to know about the goal and objectives of him. He just wants to be see happy all of them who linked or attached with him or his name and this thinking is also shows in our Tagline which says ” We are here, To serve Smiles “

Message from our Founder:
” Hello, I’m Tajagna Vyas welcomes you to the Tajagna youth Club. Before saying anything I want to put some facts which I get after research on global education.

  • Millions of children and adults around the world lack the access to education for various reasons — some live in conflict zones, others aren’t allowed to attend school because they’re girls, or they don’t attend because their families need them to work and bring in income to support the family.
  • Around the world there are 59 million children who denied the primary school education.
  • In one of three countries, less than three-quarters of teachers are trained to national standards, resulting in 130 million children enrolled in school who are not even learning the basics.
  • Nearly 15 million girls of primary school age will never have the opportunity to learn to read and write in primary school, compared to about 10 million boys.
  • It would take $39 billion (USD) every year to send all adolescents to school. 
  • Over 40 years, equitable access to quality education can help a country raise its gross domestic product per capita by 23 percent.
  • The Brookings Institution reports that education quality and levels in developing countries are approximately 100 years behind developed countries. This global gap in education shows that in the world’s poorest nations, the average levels of attainment are at levels achieved in developed countries in the early 20th century.

This is the reality of our education system. i just want to say you is that problems are not persistent and nothing is impossible if we works together and helps each other. This platform is developed with an aim to spread education to the each and every peoples. We liked if you join our community and

  • Help us to reach max. peoples /students.
  • Help us to prepare quality materials.
  • Help us by providing financial supports so that we can extend our services ( you can find; how we use your donations at the donation page ).
  • Join our official team and help us to spread smiles…
  • Help us to collect more information about education by participating in our published Survey ” Education and it’s reach to the People “.

At the end i just wants to say that ” Let’s explore the universe of Knowledge | Let’s learn together | Let’s connect to the world. “

Best regards,

Tajagna Vyas

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