1). What is Tajagna Youth Club?

Tajagna Youth Club provides a platform for students and professionals or youth in areas of livelihoods, capacity building, education, Digital infrastructure by providing all possible needful digital resources including Educational and Research articles, projects and motivations to achieve their goals.

Tajagna Youth Club brings local, national and international youth to the single platform so they can exchange their knowledge. Tajagna Youth Club also involves the various institutions like school, Institutes or Universities, Companies or Organizations and Foundations or NGOs. So youth can directly connect with them and their technologies.

Apart from that Tajagna Youth Club provides a joint platform for youth and institutions. Where they can help each other likewise if we talk about employment then institutions can offer the job or organize the events for youth, whereas youth can help the institution for solving out their industrial problems.

2). Why should i join Tajagna Youth Club?

This must be the very first question comes when this page is opened and it indeed is a legitimate one. Let us put forward some of the striking features of this platform to you,

  • Downloading and Uploading of documents i.e. e-book pdfs, doc files, cad files, templates, Magazines, Research Documents etc. (For all Fields).
  • Sharing of projects and their outcomes upon user’s consent.
  • Sharing, publishing online articles (visible to all).
  • Q&A for any topic from any field.
  • Updates regarding online/ offline seminars, technical/nontechnical events & competitions.
  • Motivational stories from users around the world.
  • Posting of Advertisements which may any kind including jobs, internships, Services provided by you, Tutions, Coaching and in all available Categories.
  • Regular updates regarding new developments.
  • Even you can earn points by performing various activities by which you can win our upcoming prizes and vouchers.
  • We also provide supports to promote your Video- Lectures / Video – Tutorials / Videos of Your Technologies or Projects or Motivational Short Films etc.

3). What is the Registration Fee?

Free; Platform is fully accessible at free of cost.

4). How can I Register?

We have two type of registration; i). Registration for user ii). Registration for Institution.

  • Registration for user: This kind of Registration is for students, Employed and Un-employed Persons. You can do registration of user at HERE.
  • Registration for Institution: This kind of registration is for various institutions like schools / Institutes / Universities / Companies / Foundations or NGO’s. You can do registration of Institution at HERE.

5). Why should I register my institution?

As we said this platform is for all where all users from various fields works together. Here we also want that if users need some help to achieve their objectives either it’s to get practical training or any kind of guidance Then He/she can directly touch with you. Even we also provide a platform for jobs and events. So, if any institution has any vacancy or events; then they can directly publish it to our platform.

6). As a User what can I do with your platform?

As we said in previous questions, we have no of features which may helpful in all manner some of them are as following:

  • Article submission: As a User; you can submit articles which may helpful to other users. You can post Articles at Main Menu > My Account > Submit a post (You must need to login first to unlock Tab).
  • Research Submission: Here as a user; You can any kind of research articles either it any new Technology or particular kind of research. You can submit a Research at Main Menu > My Account > Submit a Research (You must need to login first to unlock Tab).
  • Project Submission: You can submit your projects with Research submission form just you need to select category “Project” in Research submission form. You can access submission form at Main Menu > My Account > Submit a Research (You must need to login first to unlock Tab).
  • Submit a Motivation: This is special kind of tab provides by Tajagna Youth club to submit Inspirational or Motivational Stories which may helps to get motivations to our beloved Visitors You can access this tab at Main Menu > My Account > Submit a Motivation (You must need to login first to unlock Tab).
  • Submit a Video Lectures / Video Tutorials / Technology and development videos / Motivational Video : With this service you can submit above videos to the our platform. To do that follow this steps: Login to your Account > Main Menu > My Account > submit a Post > Follow notes in red box.
  • Submit an Advertisement : With this service you can submit any kind of Advertisements as we are community of Students and Professionals. You can Submit Your Ads at HERE .

7). How can I sell or upload my documents?

To sell your Document you must need to apply for vendor ship at Main Menu > My Account > Vendor Registration (This feature is free of cost).

After Approval or if you are already Vendor then you can upload your documents by adding New Products at Main Menu > My Account > Vendor Dashboard. To know how can you add products refer Knowledge base at Vendor Dashboard.

8). How to become Freelancer with Tajagna Youth Club?

To become a Freelancer you must need to submit a form at Main menu > Classifieds > Submit an Ads and select a suitable categories.  Now fill out all required information’s with Full description about you and your work.

9). Where can I find eBooks / Research Documents / Magazines / Arts and Designs / Charts and Templates / Video Lectures / Video Tutorials, etc. ?

You can access all mentioned products at Shop (At the bottom of Website). Or to find Individual you can find it at Main Menu > Library.

10). What is Library?

As name suggest; Library is the section which contains all type of useful Resources like eBooks, Motivational Quotes, Various useful tools, Research documents, Magazines and much more… You can find Library at Main Menu > Library.

11). What is the difference between Gems and Credits?

You can earn gems on monthly basis or it may reset every end of months. Gems are earned by doing various activities as shown at at Main Menu > My Account > My Profile > Points (Star Icon).

It need to be notice that gems are reset to 0 at the end of each month or whenever we publish magazine. We do this to identify best performing members otherwise old members will stay at the top each time with highest gems. you will be notified week before the publishing magazine.

Credits are used to unlock achievements and Ranks. Even credits are also require to win upcoming prizes and vouchers. Credits are earned by doing various activities as shown at Main Menu > My Account > My Profile > My Points ( Star Icon ).

12). What can I do with Gems?

As we said in previous question gems are used to Identify the best performing Members.

13). What can I do with Credits?

As we said in question number 12, credits are used to to unlock achievements and Ranks. Even credits are also require to win upcoming prizes and vouchers.

14). How can I get more Credits?

To earn credits, you must need to complete various tasks listed in points table at Main Menu > My Account > My Profile > Points ( Star Icon ). (Given tasks are so easy to do ).

It need to be notice that Don’t try to submit any kind of post which may illegal or abusive or with lack of information’s. Such kind of posts cause the account suspension or negative credits.

Try to submit good quality posts / Events / jobs / product which may attract visitors. More views, you can earn more Credits.

15). What is Achievement ( Badges )?

We have 12 different types of achievements. To unlock each achievement, you must need to complete various tasks mention at Main Menu > My Account > My Profile > Achievements ( Trophy Icon ) .

Achievements are require to unlock some coupons or Vouchers so try to unlock more achievements.

16). What is Rank?

We have Total 11 Level  which will awarded on the bases of credits which you have right now Rank will be upgrade or downgrade based on credits, which may fluctuate by doing negative activity done by you on platform. Rank is also requires to unlock some of Coupons or Vouchers.

17). How can I edit my submitted Articles or post?

We don’t give you right to edit or delete a published article but you can perform it at our Contact Us Page where you must need to select “Edit posts” in type of message. And mention your corrections to the message body then submit it to the us. We will try to modify your corrections or edit your submitted posts.

18). I want to give suggestions or to give feedback about your website. Where can I write it?

First of all we’d like to say thanks to think about us and wants to give your opinion. You can perform such tasks at Our Contact Us Page where you can submit your suggestions by selecting “Suggestion” in Type of Message field and Submit your feedback for our visitors at Same page by selecting “Testimonial” in type of Message field.

19). What is Discussion Forum?

Discussion forum is the place where you can raise any questions or topics based on current trend or any issues. Or in other words we can say that it is the place for Group Discussion.

20). What is Advert or classified?

With advert / classified, you can publish your own ad on our platform

21). Ad posting on your platform is free or not?

Currently we have two plan of ad posting which are:

  • Free Plan : Submitted ad with this plan will be displayed for 30 days on our Advert page.
  • Premium Plan : You have to pay 100 Rs. per each Ad to activate this plan. With this plan your Ad will be displayed for 45 days as well as your ads are displayed on all of our premium blocks which are placed on different places on our platform.

22). How can i place or manage ad on your platform?

You can submit your Ads at HERE .

You can manage your submitted ads at your Profile at My account > Classifieds > Manage Published Ads

Note : Only registered members can manage their submitted Ads.

23). What is Payment method for Premium Ad posting?

Currently we have three methods, which are:

  • Paytm : For Paytm Transfer , Use following Details:
    • To pay with Paytm go to https://p-y.tm/VnRR-0K and follow Instruction. After successful Payment Mails us on admin@tajagna-youthclub.com with all ad titles ( order number and ad Title )
  • Online Bank Transfer : For online bank transfer, Use following Details,
    • Account Name : Tajagna P. vyas
    • Bank Name : Oriental bank of Commerce
    • Account Number : 01252121004958
    • IFSC Code : ORBC0100125
    • Please add note: ( Ad-yourname-ad Title )
  • For Check Payment ( Use this method for bulk ad )
    • Make a check payable to “Tajagna P. Vyas” ( In value write down total value of all ads )
      1. On the memo line of the check, please indicate that the Check is for “Tajagna Youth Club Adverts”
      2. Please mail your check to:


      8th Part, Near grampanchayat

      ASLALI, Taluko- Dascroi,

      Dist- Ahmedabad – 382427

      Gujarat ( INDIA )

    • If you use this method then after sending a check, Mails us on admin@tajagna-youthclub.com with all ad titles ( your order number and ad title ) , check details ( Check number, Amount, Bank name, Branch name ) and your contact details.

Your ad will be displayed after confirming all details…

For any query or help contact us at : admin@tajagna-youthclub.com or send your query on our whatsapp number : +91-7434951590

24). I have more Questions to ask Where can I contact you?

You can submit your queries or message to our Contact Us page or If you want to contact Founder personally then you can Send mail at Admin@tajagna-youthclub.com or send text on our whats app Number (+91-7434951590) at https://wa.me/917434951590