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[Sticky] What is Discussion Forum?  


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11 July, 2019 11:25 AM  

Discussion forum is a kind of place where you can raise any questions or topics based on current trend or any issues. With this forum you can do following activities...

1). You can make discussion on any topic at Discussion Forum > Group Discussion ( Create Topic ). First, read given instructions.

2). You can submit your questions in desired categories at discussion forum > ( select desired categories from discussion topics ) > create topic to get help from other members or experts.

3). If you are company, organization or research institute ( Members can ) then you can submit research tasks at Discussion forum > Research task ( Create topic )

4). you can also make general discussions at Discussion forum > News , events and Member's zone > Create topic... topic might be about tricky questions, difficult riddles or any other difficult stuffs 

5). You can also make discussions on News or events at Discussion forum > Discussion forum > News , events and Member's zone > Create topic.

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