Remote Controlled Hovercraft

Hovercraft is multi-purpose vehicle; which can travel across various types of terrain with no alteration. It is a vehicle capable of traveling over most surfaces on a cushion of air trapped under the body for lift. Air propellers, water propellers, or water jets usually provide forward propulsion. Air cushion vehicles can attain higher speeds than can either ships or most land vehicles due to lower frictional forces and use much less power than helicopters of the same weight. The overall purpose of this project is to build a hovercraft which can carry various payloads, across land and water with a unmanned controlled. This air cushioned vehicle (ACV) can be used for numerous different applications including military, aid, transportation of building supplies, etc. This Project will outline the design process as well as the final selected design. This project also includes the different trialed versions which we tested before the finalize our project to satisfies our objectives.

For more Detail visit https://tajagna-youthclub.com/2019/01/25/remote-controlled-hovercraft-vehicle-which-can-runs-on-lands-as-well-as-water/tajagna/1786/

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