Job vs business vs entrepreneurship

What you think about job?

Do you ever know the difference between business and it funny right? because you understand that we here to say Business is not equal to Entrepreneurship. 

But yes, business is not equal to entrepreneurship. We’ll try to understand how it differs.. Let’s start..with jobs.

What is job?

Job is only the source to generate money, where we only works to achieve goals and to achieve something for company or organizations. but i dont think that this term is primary need of business persons or entrepreneurs.

So let’s go with important comparison of business vs entrepreneurship.

Business vs Entrepreneurship

An entrepreneur – one who starts an enterprise – is a different breed from a business person. A business person differ from an employee. An employee has a boss. A business person is his or her own boss. both create for themselves. 

A true entrepreneur,  while creating wealth for his or her own self, is obsessed with creating wealth for the society. He or she creates jobs and passionately aims at creating wealth for more and more people. Even after their personal assets touch billions, their passion does not diminish. In the absence of such a passion, you cannot be an entrepreneur.

In behavioral science, such passion is called ‘valence’ – the strength of one’s desire. It is not mere desire with a lot of strength.

This strength is translated into ‘self-efficacy’ which is a strong belief that the ability, knowledge, strength, patience and experience to convert your desire into reality.

In addition to valence and self-efficacy, you must also feel in your bones that you are destined to succeed. You must be sure of achieving your goal of creating wealth for the society.

Entrepreneurship may thus be defined as:

Valence X Self-efficacy X guarantee of the reward of being labelled as a true entrepreneur.

There is a multiplication sign between the three ingredients if one of the three is zero, your dream, your burning desire and your obsession will not make you an entrepreneur.

So at the end we just say ” Go ahead and take the first firm step to create your own enterprise with valance and self-defficacy, and a firm belief that you will get a great reward of being labelled as ENTREPRENEUR.

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