how to make money?

In this post you’ll find all the best ways to make money in your spare time whilst at university based on our own experience. One simple things wants to know is that Give people what they want! That’s it, that’s how you make money.You don’t need to find the next billion dollar idea to make money.One needs to understand that making money is a process of exchange. You cant actually make money, you exchange something for it. Now here we explain How you can make money with us.

We provide a platform where users can do following activities:

  • Downloading and Uploading of documents i.e. pdfs, doc files, cad files, templates etc.
  • Sharing of projects and their outcomes upon user’s consent.
  • Sharing, publishing online articles (visible to all).
  • Q&A for any topic from any field.
  • Updates regarding online/ offline seminars, technical/nontechnical events & competitions.
  • Motivational stories from users around the world.
  • Posting of jobs, internships and apprenticeships.
  • Regular updates regarding new developments.
  • Even you can earn credits by performing various activities which you can redeem to buy various materials at our store. Not only materials but also you can redeem it to our upcoming exiting vouchers from popular e-stores e.g. Amazon.
  • We also provide a future like points exchange, Points bank (Under Development), Point transfer between friends.

Now here you can get few of words like Points, Credits, Earnings, Points bank, Points exchange, Vouchers, Coupons etc… This are the main terminologies which we used to make money. We prepared this post specially for you so read next content carefully which may helps to understand that terminologies.

We have 2 types of Point system where first is points and second one is Credits. now we’ll helps you to understand this system.

1). Points : Each time you do some activities on our platform you will get some points based on our point table. You can find This table at Main Menu > My Account > My Profile > My Badges (Icon of Trophy) > Points table (You must need to login first to access this table.

Based on Collected points you can unlock various Badges. Which may helps you to get Coupons or Vouchers. We provides you vouchers from trending or top e stores e.g. Amazon. This is the first source of making Money with our platform.

2). Credits : Similar to Points we have second point type which is credits. This is also work similar to points. You can earn credits based on following poi time you referring a new member.

Important points to note out is that you can use this collected credits to purchase materials like e-books / Research Documents / Design files / Charts / Templates etc.

In nearest future we will provides you a Bank where you can store your credits which gives you a interest to get more credits.

Even with us you can exchange your earned points to Credits. You can refer our FAQ page at HERE for more Info.

We will also upload exiting vouchers to this stores which you can purchase it with earned credits. This is the second Source to make Money with us.

3). Freelancing : If you have talent which may helps you to make money then You can also start freelancing with us by submitting your application. You need to submit your application as a Job at Main Menu > My Account > Submit a Job and select Freelance as a job type. You must need to follow instruction displayed on job submission page. Follow our FAQ to understand Steps.

Now this is the last and important ways to earn money. Here we are talking about direct selling your documents with us. Now understand how can you sell your materials.

First of all; Main things to note out is that you can sell only e-materials like Study notes / E-books / Software’s / Charts / Project Reports / Research documents / Design Files and other kind of downloadable materials.

To sell such kind of material you must need to get approval of Vendor. Which we provides you a free of cost. To become a Vendor you have to submit a form at Main Menu > My Account > Vendor Registration and fill out all required details and submit it to us. We’ll approved it within short days.

After becoming vendor you can find knowledge base at vendor dashboard to understand the steps to upload or sell Materials.

You can refer Our FAQ page for more details. This is the last and Important way to make money with your study related notes which may helps to our beloved members.

At last we only says to you is that dont wait for other. Register with us and start to make money with us. We already published latest offer for our first 50 applicants where first 50 applicants get 100 Points. Refer our poster

If you have any queries or doubts then you can feel free to contact Us at our Contact Us page or If you want to contact Founder personally then you can Send mail at or send text on our whats app Number (+91-7434951590) at

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