Research work based on Design and optimization

Project Description

Filters are substantial microwave components. RF/Microwave filters can be implemented using transmission lines. The frequency behavior of microwave devices is affected by thermal expansion. In order to avoid interference with adjacent bands, microwave components must exhibit high temperature-stability in most communications applications.

This Research work proposes a newly optimized design to withstand the thermal stresses which are developed on the structure of filter. In this thesis Heat transfer paths from Adapter, cavities and irises to the base plate which is mounted on the transponder panel are defined. After defining heat transfer paths; examination is carried out to reduce the deformation at the particular sections which are highly sensitives or effective to the Performance of Filters; Section includes the cavities and irises on which the performance of filter is dependent.

Goal and Objectives

The Primary objective of this Research work is to enhance the performance of filter with 20% reduction in deformation; Here deformation for existing system is 0.04 mm for iris and 0.06 mm for cavities. According with this objective it’s also need to be maintain thermal stresses to get higher structural stability; which gives the higher lifespan to the component.

  • This works aims to reduce deformation in cavities and Irises as generally as possible. So, for that first of all it need to be find solutions which are available in market which can be done by literature review.

  • After finishing the study of available literature; Thermoelastic simulation is carried out. During this simulation different studies carried out to get accurate results. Here Different studies include the Mesh quality improvement, convergence study and study carried out to eliminating the singularities.

  • After finalizing the simulation; validation study is performed to validate the results of simulation by Experimental results.

  • Next thing to do is Modifications in the structure; which can be done based on the results which’ll get from FEA study; Here results include the information like Heat Transfer Path, Deformation in the different section of cavities and irises due to variation of temperature and thermal stresses which occurred in different sections of assemblies like Brackets.

  • Finalize the Results which can give best performance in accordance with deformation and Thermal Stress.

Project Conclusion

Research work Done by Tajagna Vyas


As per company policy where ever research work is done; it is not possible to display or publish a work in open environment. Work will be displayed based on requirement.

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