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Mr. Tajagna Vyas is a Founder of Tajagna Youth Club. In 2018, He completed Master of Technology in the field of Mechanical Engineering from Indus University, Ahmedabad. Also, He worked as a project intern at Space Application Center (ISRO), Ahmedabad. He faced out a number of problems while he rides on the path of his academic career where some of them are

• Poor quality of Education.

• No Practical Approach.

• Lack of innovative environments.

• Lack of financial support.

• Lack of skill Development initiatives.

And such problems are also faced by a number of students. But let’s say hurdle is persistent. To overcome these problems our Founder decided to set up a single platform that

• narrow search and widens the knowledge.

• Help students and professionals to think out of the box.

• Help youths to connect with upcoming new technologies.

• Help youths to connect with an innovative world of the 21st century.



Tajagna Youth Club provides a platform for students and professionals or youth in areas of livelihoods, capacity building, education, Digital infrastructure by providing all possible needful digital resources including Educational and Research articles, projects and motivations to achieve their goals.

Tajagna Youth Club brings local, national and international youth to the single platform so they can exchange their knowledge. Tajagna Youth Club also involves the various institutions like school, Institutes or Universities, Companies or Organizations and Foundations or NGOs. So youth can directly connect with them and their technologies.

Apart from that Tajagna Youth Club provides a joint platform for youth and institutions. Where they can help each other likewise if we talk about employment then institutions can offer the job or organize the events for youth, whereas youth can help the institution for solving out their industrial problems.


Vision and Mission

With over 10 years of academic experience, Our founder Mr. tajagna Vyas has gained in-depth knowledge about the underlying causes and problems associated with education and researches. We believe that since the problems of Quality education, Guidance and high level of financial instability are universal across India, a platform aimed at the country or globe wide development is the need of the hour. The mission is to create a platform of excellence in education and research with an aim to build the largest educational community of students, professionals, and institutions:

• To share resources and work closely.

• To carry out research and development in key emerging areas that lead to impact- making innovations for future generation technologies;

• To exchange their knowledge.

• To create a vibrant and inspirational environment through bright dedicated members and supportive institutions.


Other Salient Requirements:

Even though there are many platforms for education and research, the basis for this platform are as under:

• To be an integral part of the government and various institutions to benefit youth.

• To have operational independence needed to attract a world-class community of students, professionals, and researchers.

• To create an organization which is conductive to become a world-class organization as well as financially independent.

As we just started the journey, we want to join a max number of students, Professionals, researchers and various institutions which may help us to satisfy our tag line “We here, To serve Smiles…”


With this feature you can find all available articles from various courses…


With this feature you can find all available jobs like Private / Internship / Government / Freelancing…


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Discussion Forum
Discussion Forum

With this feature you can Discuss your ideas / Solve-out Queries or problems / Participate in Group discussions


With this feature you can earn credits which you redeem to buy Educational Materials or to unlock Vouchers or to win exiting prizes…

What People say about us | Testimonial

Tajagna and a team, you did a good platform for all those who are seeking for different kind of information in a single platform. Your effort for training and research among young budding engineers and innovator would help them to provide good platform. Best wishes for your efforts. Regards

Dr. Mitesh J. Mungla

Head of mechanical Dept.
Indus university, ahmedabad

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